Off-piste adventures in a motorhome.

Winter tales.

There is something special about spending a winter’s night in a motorhome, especially if you’ve spent the day testing new ELAN skis. Turn on the heat, pour yourself some tea, relax and read these winter tales, written by some of the most skilled winter sports professionals, who always demand the best.

Matthias Mayr is an Elan freeride ambassador, who's skied some of the most remote mountains of our planet.

"The Triglav National Park in Slovenia, the home of my skis, Elan. Their 75th anniversary a perfect reason to get there and enjoy some time. 20 cm fresh on top of a 3-6 meters huge snow pack await us. Since it's still corona time, everything is different, but not the enjoyment of the light weight under my feet, the fluffy snow under my skis, the sun in my face, ...”


Tomaž Jakofčič is a fully qualified IFMGA mountain guide and the first Slovenian to guide clients up to the summit of Mount Everest.

“'Only holidays are worse than a weekend’ is a common joke between young dads. And there is some truth in it, while your kids are small. Later things become more enjoyable, and so my wife I also put our beloved daughters skis very soon. This time we tried to connect motorhome travel to touring skiing. With Sonic, kindly lent from our friends at Adria, completely new winter playgrounds opened across Slovenia and that brought infinite feelings of freedom and joy.”


Grega Kofler is a seasoned IFMGA mountain guide, winter sports instructor and sports enthusiast

‘’A touring ski where with a little ascent you get more than 1.400 altitude meters of skiing may sound challenging. With favourable weather and snow conditions it becomes more of an adventure for me and my two sons. This time made even more beautiful – with Adria Sonic accompanying us."

Elan is world-renowned ski manufacturer with more than 75 years of experience in designing and producing the best skis in the world.