How understanding 'aerodynamics' is shaping Adria's new generation caravans.
By Jure Gregorčič
What’s the connection between a modern day caravan and state of the art aeroplane?
One word: aerodynamics.

Mother Nature's wind is a phenomenon whose energy and power should never be underestimated. To survive stormy winds is to experience one of the nature's most brutal forces. Wind is also the force that provided wings for humankind to explore the world, we would never have flown, nor understood the importance of construction efficiency and mobility. Without understanding and respecting the wind, its energy would forever have remained a threat to us. Mankind has learned to capture the air currents of wind and channel them as they pleased, turning it from an enemy to an ally.

Beautiful aircraft-efficient caravans

Aerodynamics is the study of forces and the resulting motion of objects through the air. Now Adria is pioneering this science with caravans. Starting with Astella, which uses aviation efficiency, channelling air currents to make towing safer and more efficient. An integrated aerodynamic design supported by high-tech electronic tests and analyses conducted in a virtual wind tunnel of the world-famous Slovenian aircraft manufacturer Pipistrel Aircraft, took the airflow effects in towing Astella, to the next level. This science has now been applied to Adria's new generation caravans - first to Adora and now the new Alpina. Never before has towing a caravan been so directionally stable and energy efficient when it comes to such large, comfortable and spacious homes on wheels. These caravans do not defy the wind when in driving, they  work with it. Long-distance travel is now easier on the wallet, as the efficient aerodynamics reduces towing average fuel consumption. These caravans have a characteristic design, beautiful new silhouettes with perfect proportions and elegant, clean lines with softly rounded edges. Quiet and stable on the road, these new caravans retain their stability even in a storm.

Nature as inspiration

Nature has always been a source of inspiration for Adria products. Adria's home, Slovenia, is a green country whose people value contact with nature. It is one of the European countries with the highest of biodiversities and the cleanest of environments. Just as a view from the mountain tops or the colours of a forest bring a sense of calm, so do the light and scenic views make a stay in Adria's vehicles worthwhile. Even the mildest of winds provides natural ventilation, while the excellent insulation helps you stay cool during the summer even without air conditioning. When designing aerodynamic solutions, Adria's first thought was to seek inspiration from nature. Imagine how the wind shapes a drop of rain that is falling high from the sky towards the ground or the exceptional stability control at high-speed vertical descent of a peregrine falcon. The Adria development team combined the aesthetic design with the wind principles in a very natural way.

Combining aesthetics with aerospace dynamics

Adria and their design partner, Gigodesign studio, embraced bold ideas and innovative thinking, combining the best solutions from experts in the science of wind – Pipistrel's aeronautical engineers. Slovenian aircraft manufacturer Pipistrel,  the first company in the world to certify an electric aircraft, a leader in the aviation industry in terms of alternative propulsion development. Astella represents a technological breakthrough, a pool of combined knowledge and ideas, and the collaboration of very different, seemingly incompatible fields and professions. Inspired by nature, Adria combined the best and most advanced science solutions to create state-of-the-art caravans that cleave the air according to the principle of aviation laws. Pipistrel's expert in aeronautical physics and aero simulations, Matej Andrejašič, explains the key purpose of aerodynamic solutions:


a type of Slovenian wind

The wind is so deeply embedded in human lives that people from all over the world have given it names according to its power, effect and direction. Slovenia is well familiar with the power of "Burja", the country's strongest wind that blows from its mountain barriers towards the sea. The strength of Burja serves as a safety reminder, as its gusts can reach hurricane levels and even stop traffic. On the other hand, Burja is also a noble wind, as it always brings sun, stable weather, and the harmony of taste exemplified in the Slovenian kraški pršut, a type of air-dried prosciutto produced in the Burja-swept region of Kras.