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The Adora caravan range has found many fans in the last few seasons and we asked Adria Caravan Product Manager, Erna Povh to explain why it’s been such a sales success. She showed us some new developments for season 2019, including a unique new layout aimed at families, with two doors and separate new living spaces. Erna leads the design and development of the caravan range, which has seen a huge growth in sales in the last five years under her tenure. This plus her own caravan adventures, in which she regularly uses an Adora, with her family, means her opinions and ideas matter.


“Adora plays a key part in the Adria line up” she says, “it accounts for a very significant share of our caravan sales and it has a great reputation for quality, for comfort and features. The current Adora, which we released in 2015 when we redesigned the exterior and interior and added a very important feature – the large panoramic window. Adria was also the first to offer a practical 3 bunk bed solution in the Adora.” Erna explained.


“Adria’s panoramic windows are the largest available in the caravan market and are an engineering masterclass, with integrated ventilation, screening and shading, so work in all conditions”.

“We design layouts for different users and different lengths of caravan. The thing about the panoramic window though is its universal impact on how living in the Adora feels – whether the window is above the lounge, the bedroom or the kitchen – and all three are possibilities – it transforms the experience. It brings in light and seems to add space too, or at least the feeling of space. We call it ‘atrium style living’ because of this and because you feel like you’re living right there in nature” Erna explains.

Erna explained that it’s the great weight-length-comfort formula, combined with the contemporary design and the large panoramic windows which underpin the Adora’s success. This and the wide range of layouts on offer, in caravan lengths from 4m to 7m. .



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And some key features too:

• Some very specific layouts, for couples, for large families and for children.

• Attractive exterior design in Adria “i” shape, with integrated features.

• Robust, quality construction and AL-KO chassis.

• All year rouad usability, and a choice of Truma or Alde heating.

• Comfortable interior accommodation, with multi-functional space.

• User friendly solutions – Bluetooth amplifier, USB sockets, TV holder.

• Stylish ‘ergo’ bathroom with quality fittings.

• Smart kitchen with three gas burner, Thetford fridge and oven option.

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