673 PK

So many adventures,

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Adria hasn't changed the winning Adora formula for season 2019, why would you? Yes there are some small detailed improvements like the new LED rear lights and improved tyres, but the main changes are to the choices of interior textile and new soft furnishings. Erna: “We talked to many customers and found a significant niche for Adora, for caravanners holidaying with older children. Some competitors of course offer so called ‘family models’ but these just have some extra bunk beds, we wanted to go further. From these discussions we developed the so called “teenager layout” – the principle being this caravan has two entrance doors and several discrete living spaces, which is very helpful for many families”.


We closed the interview with Erna, asking for her favourite caravan. “I particularly love the Adora and the Alpina but with three teenagers of my own, I’d now go for Adora 673 PK, it delivers real family time and I can also get time with my husband, beneath the stars!”

The rear space, or “teenager lounge” is cool. It’s perfect for hanging out, for gaming, even for impromptu sleepovers as there’s a simple hammock bed on the wall. Best of all it’s away from the parents, with its own entrance too. It would even be great for (adult) hobbies or as a reading room, somewhere quiet to use when the kids are outside.

Availability of the new layout can vary by country so please check with your Adria dealer, or visit the website www.adria-mobil.com for specific details and technical data.