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colourful adventure


ask any interior designer and they will tell you it’s not just the basic layout of the room and the overall palette, it’s the small touches that make for a stand out interior. the choice of soft furnishings can make (or break) the ambiance.

Start with your choice of layout of course, as you know best what you need and don’t need in terms of space and accommodation. Then the basic textile which should be functional of course but also start to make your caravan or motorhome, feel, well, like home. Then it gets interesting.  Your personality can really start to shine, you can even be a little playful.

Katja Jenič,

Adria Designer

New for season 2019 on Adria motorhomes, vans and caravans, you can now choose from a brilliant repertoire of soft furnishings to add a bit more personality. There’s up-to six colourways available for motorhomes and vans, and four for caravans. We asked Adria’s in-house designer, and part of the project team, Katja Jenič to explain the inspiration behind the new program.

“We are really proud of our 2019 interiors but there’s always room for more personalisation, and for some added colour accents. So we developed a new range of soft furnishings, with scatter cushions, which can really make the difference, in fact the possibilities have really multiplied to up to 36 per range!”

Colour, research has shown can really influence your emotions. It can affect how you feel, your temperament and what you do.  The choice of colour in your home or leisure vehicle, is an important decision, so choose wisely! My favourite? Ah, Leather Edward and Sophisticated Classic, that’s a great combination”.

I have many influencers, including designers Patricia Urquoila, Jamie Hayon, Kelly Wearstler and of course Tom Ford but most of all I like to talk to our customers to see what inspires them.

Adria’s new range of optional soft furnishings may not be available in all countries so please check on line at www.adria-mobil.com or check with your local Adria dealer.