sense of adventure


Beach Rd, St Margaret’s at Cliffe, Dover




From the White Cliffs of Dover

to Land’s End in Cornwall


There’s never been a better time to visit England. We take an adventure, packed with quintessentially English charm, eccentricity and down-right beautiful places.

by: david carradale

Oh to be in England. A famous quote, and for me, a familiar feeling. As an Englishman living abroad, with a Slovenian wife, the temptation to return home burns brightly. So now we go every September on our own adventure, and for my partner, the more quintessentially English the trip, the better. Why September? Well the kids are all back at school and the weather, whilst never predictable (and likely you won’t need your swimsuits) can surprise with its calm, cool beauty. May or June are also nice, just avoid the school summer holidays as the roads get busy. The nice thing about visiting England is there’s so much to see and do, so you can tailor any length trip and make it work. As for your vehicle,  well a good motorhome like the Coral is perfectly set up for two but the English love their caravans and you’ll be welcomed in yours.

Vera Lynn’s iconic cliffs at Dover are a must see, if for no other reason than it may help you understand the English. Here like nowhere else in the “sceptred isle” that is Great Britain, the notion of it being an island nation becomes clear.

With the White Cliffs in your rear view mirror head onwards to Cornwall, the reason for our recent trip. Southern England has much to offer but in the spirit of “being very English” we picked out two special stops on the way.