It’s so much more than just a different way of travelling. It’s a new way of looking at the world.



As far as possible

New Sun Living needed a test in the real environment, so we thought it would be perfect to give it to a 5-member-plus-one-more-on-the-way-family and send them on their way.

It should come as no surprise that the whole family enjoyed the trip. “When we picked up the car, the kids immediately felt at home. They brought some of their toys and books and turned it into theirs”. The Sun Living behaved perfectly, they ticked all the checkpoints from their list (yes, also snowboarding!) and returned enlightened: “The whole roadtrip made us realize how less it takes to be happy, and the kids showed us that it doesn’t take a lot to get used to van life!”, says Lilo and finishes with: ”Being back was nice, but also sad in a way. We would have spent a lot more time on the road if possible. But then again, this definitely won’t be our last adventure, once the baby is here we’ll probably figure out where to go next.” And Sun Living will be happy to join!

Mom’s 5 best things about the interior



The grey/denim Mercurius combination works well

with most accessories



big, big, big, plus a lot of space for ice cream in the freezer!


Bunk bed

how it folds to create a bigger garage!


Alkoven bed

really nice, big enough for 2 adults and a baby

or 1 adult and two kids



nice, cosy place to work from

5 and ½ people and a not so small dog – life in a motorhome could get very tricky? However, Sun Living proved to be so spacious that they didn’t have to focus just on the functionality of the available space but also on adapting it to make it personal and turning it into a home. They procured some non-expensive accessories, made some really clever hacks and found some creative DIY solutions and – voila – Sun Living “Pimp our ride” edition was born. Again, everything explained in the blog section of Sun Living website.


And all our regular clothes found space in the overhead storage of the car. Each kid had an own bin for their clothes, as did we, and there were some for toys and books. And we found a perfect place for our dog too!” Yes, they even took their lovely Nikoleta with them, because why not. And off they went. There’s not enough space in this article to cover the whole trip, but they’ve posted it on the Sun Living website – it’s an enjoyable read, so we suggest to check it out.


“We are travelling a lot with the kids, yet we had no idea how this adventure would turn out”, says Lilo Krebernik, the father of the so called Snowboarding family. “But then again, all the inspiring travel blogs and Instagram accounts tell you to get out of your comfort zone.” Still, they carefully thought about their needs and selected a perfect vehicle to make everyone feel good for whole trip: Sun Living A70DK. Perfect for big families with bunk beds in the back, 7 sleeping spaces, a big, useful 142 L fridge, enormous garage box and of course the hide-away bathroom solution that turns the walking area into an alley and almost doubles the kitchen size.

Sun Living offers an innovative range of motorhomes and vans, which offer exceptional value for money and many new solutions, especially in relation to interior living space.  The new range is made by Adria Mobil and offered through Sun Living dealers across Europe.

Well, it helped us a lot that they've already decided to simply pack and go on the road for a month and see how far west they could reach and how much they could explore. And they experienced a lot! From sun to snow, from heat to searing winds, from hacking the motorhome to tightening the personal bonds. So, it was a proper test. A big test. Big family test. And how did Sun Living do?


The family had a rough plan to drive from Austria over Switzerland to France to go surfing, and possibly even down to Portugal. But they also needed some snowboarding somewhere in the Alps. Oh, did we mention that all members share a big passion for boardsports (hence the name) and outdoor activities? You can imagine now that they had to pack a lot of things: “To our big surprise we managed to fit a lot of stuff into the motorhome’s garage: 2 surfboard, 4 skateboards, all the bags we’d need to work from the road (computers, cameras, etc.), clothing for rainy days, extra boots and a lot of organic food that we bought at home - just in case.

New Sun Living,

new style.

Now you can choose even more style, with our new season 2019 Sun Living ‘Style Packs’ available for S and A Series vehicles. See our website for details.

You can follow The Snowboarding

family on their channels:

The Krebernik family started snowboarding as a family in the mid 80ies, something that wasn‘t really common back then. And they are still riding together as a family, with three generations being united by one activity! Many parents support their children these days when it comes to snowboarding and more and more activities are available for kids. That’s something that should be more visible to a wider audience, and they try to serve as a role model.

How was the trip in a motorhome?


Things you liked the most?


Your favorite place in the motorhome?

 “Tent, made of bathroom rugs under the table!“

If you could name it, what would it be?

“Big Brummm.”