Living in Motion is not just a philosophy at Adria, it’s a way of life. We have a belief that travelling enriches the soul and provides a narrative to our hectic everyday lives. There’s travelling and there’s travelling for pleasure, which is still what a leisure vehicle, perhaps accomplishes, better than any other form of travel.


So many adventures, so many stories. Our Inspirations magazine has been an adventure itself, now in its 7th edition and redesigned along with our Season 2019 story. And our readership now exceeds 200,000, across our 9 language editions. In this new edition, you'll find that every Adria has a story.


Escape the ordinary, features the new generation Twin Supreme campervans, the only van with the exclusive new Adria Sky-roof. It’s anything but ordinary, but where will you take it? Perhaps from Dover to Cornwall in England, as in our Destinations. We go behind the scenes, with our interior design team and meet Adria product manager, Erna Povh, in the best-selling Adora caravan range.


Biathlete and Adria ambassador Jakov Fak, recounts his success at the 2018 Winter Olympics and to top it all, the ultimate inspiring adventure to the Arctic Circle, in a caravan built on skis, with five star luxury.



Enjoy the magazine

Neil Morley, Editor