Andrew Ditton is a widely-respected British leisure journalist. At the age of 14 he inherited his first caravan, and has been touring ever since. From a small tent in Canada to a large motorhome in New Zealand, he travels the world in search of unique camping experiences. You can find out more about Andrew at andrewditton.com

“As caravan adventures go, this one is truly memorable and we managed to pick the best night of this year for the Northern Lights too. Put this trip on your bucket list, now!”

The night passed so quickly, after the light show I had a great night’s sleep in the adorable Action, such a comfy bed too. I woke to the most amazing sunrise, opening the door to a remarkable vista and I had to pinch myself that I was really here. Time for a quick cup of tea before the Apukka people came to “rescue me”, not that that’s the right term, as this was really glamping luxury and this caravan was the perfect host.

Finally, at about 10.30pm, the glow continued to brighten and I noticed through the roof window a faint green streak right across the sky. This was it! Hastily I put on some warm clothes, grabbed my camera and tripod, and went outside. For the next 90 minutes the Aurora Borealis treated me to the Greatest Natural Show on Earth. At one point, the lights literally danced. Tears filled my eyes as pure joy filled my heart, so deeply moved I was by the overwhelming experience.


For two silent hours the Aurora teased and played with me.

(other than the toilet flush tank) are not filled. Flasks of boiling water and bottles of drinking water are instead provided, as are an emergency mobile phone, emergency sleeping bags, and of course a fully-charged battery and a full cylinder of LPG for the heating. Outside, the temperature dropped to 20 degrees below zero, yet the Action remained warm and toasty thanks to the efficient Truma heating. I lie quietly on the bed in total darkness, staring intently out of the huge roof window. To be lying in complete silence, in splendid isolation, alone with my thoughts, admiring the starry sky, and being in complete connection with nature while remaining in a warm and comfortable space, was a truly magical experience. Occasionally I would see a dim green glow on the horizon. The glow would increase in intensity…  and then fade. Later it would reappear, and fade again. For two silent hours the Aurora teased and played with me.

At midnight I retreated to the warmth and luxury of the Aurora Wagon where I slept soundly under the blanket of stars twinkling down through the roof light. As I now reflect on the experience, my eyes fill with tears once again. Not only had I realised my lifelong dream of seeing the Northern Lights, but I had done so in the best way possible, in my dream caravan from the Adria range. Allow yourself to dream, and do whatever you can to make it happen. As I discovered for myself, dreams really can come true.